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Can you stay in the discomfort?

Apr 9, 2019

If you can sit with discomfort, you can sit with anything…

So often we shift away from the challenging
So often it’s easier to stay where we are
So often we move away from anything that makes us feel uneasy
So this week we ask you to move into a challenging pose and try and hold on.
Or stay in a pose longer than you might normally do!

Hold on, stay in it, is the brain chattering, can you listen to the body’s messages and feedback or are you stuck in monkey-mind.

So this week, we ask can you stay in a pose and use your breaths and really listen from within.

Can you breathe into the moment?
What are the signals from your body?

Breathe and Be, and see what arises and what shifts and what opens and where is the new space?

…and how does it feel?
…and have you changed?
… and is there a new you?
… and is there a new experience?

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