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Change and Transformation…

Jan 19, 2020


Fire, creates the quickest transformation…
With so much devastation to our country and so much loss of life, flora and fauna it is hard to look and absorb the impact of fire in and on our lives. For those directly impacted with loss of life and property and for the overall loss to us all, it is so painful to watch and see.

There are many charities which we are all aware of and donating to, so i’m sure we are all doing what we can now and in the future too.


BUT… if anything good can come from this on a personal level with change and transformation, can we begin to understand the impact of fire and the change it plays in our lives, and so quickly that change can occur!


At this time of year there is talk of New Year Resolutions and Changes to make for the better… but do we sustain the change??

Heat, fire, sun..

Can we EASILY make changes in our lives or is change FORCED upon us?
Do we make decisions in pro-active ways?
How do we look and assess situations?
Are we able to look and see the way it is or do we see it from another perspective or from our own skewed perceptions?
Do we see, and feel and let go of burdens and make changes for the better?

  • To help us change for the better we need FIRE…
    • provides light
    • energises us
    • stimulates us
    • warms us
    • helps burn the impurities from our systems
    • physically: sun salutes to build heat and warmth and burn away the impurities
    • our Agni – DIGESTIVE fire needs to continually be stimulated
      like any fire we need kindling to start a fire and then it takes off with oxygen
    • if we overeat/drink – we put too many damp and heavy foods/liquids into our system then we become sluggish and tired whilst our system tries to burn off the excess and this is tiring and cumbersome on and in our systems

Like everything, too much of one thing does not work

BALANCE everything in life and live to be BALANCED…

Agni: is the name of the fire element—one of the 5 building blocks from which everything in the universe is composed. Agni refers equally to the digestive fire, the fire of intelligence, and that which governs all transformative processes. It is the vehicle by which food becomes consciousness. In fact, agni serves as a bridge between the body, the mind, and the consciousness; it connects lower consciousness to higher consciousness; and it links the individual to the cosmos.

Evidence of Agni’s Importance
In Ayurveda, agni is the source of awareness, nutrition, and intelligence. It drives all types of transformation, digests thoughts and emotions, and coordinates countless physiological processes—including the digestion, absorption, and assimilation of foods, sensations, and experiences into energy.

Agni maintains the bodily tissues, overseeing their creation, renewal, as well as their breakdown and destruction.
It gives our skin its luster, and our eyes their sparkle.
There are many manifestations of agni that affect the body and mind—from the fire of awareness, to the central digestive fire, from the capacity for discernment within each tissue, to that in individual cells—overseeing transformation at the microscopic level.
Ultimately, agni is the gatekeeper of good health; balanced agni throughout the system prevents the undue accumulation of vata, pitta, kapha, and ama(toxins). In the event that any of these substances do start to accumulate, a robust and healthy digestive fire will keep them in the digestive tract (where they can be easily eliminated), and prevent them from invading any tissues.
Source: Different from me: I’m still getting my head together!!! Apologies Lou ????

????‍???? There are plenty of places to donate funds in support of all those working to put out the fires – those on the front line, to the back up and support of all services and to support our country and communities and families.
???? With all our hearts and love we send thoughts and wishes of love and rain and whatever supplies are needed to help all families, communities and loved ones to get through this devastation.
???? Take care everyone ????

We hope to see you in the studio and on your mats throughout 2020 and wish you all a very very SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY 2020…

With much care and thoughtfulness for all beings who are suffering during this time and the renewed lives that need to now emerge from this catastrophic change!!!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti…Peace, peace, peace,

???? Namaste from all the In Motion team ????

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