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Thank you for all the effort you’ve put in through 2020 to keep us yoga- Ines. It’s been a difficult time and you’re much appreciated.


Jan 2021

What a year! Thank you for keeping yoga going, making this year much easier. I have really enjoyed yoga from my lounge room but missed visiting Cronulla.


Dec 2020

Thanks Lou, Great class today!


Nov 2020

Louise is a fantastic yoga teacher, she is dedicated and thoughtful; her knowledge and experience Is one of a kind knowing exactly how the human body responds to her very carefully and selected poses. I have been practicing Yin Yoga with Lou and absolutely love it.


Nov 2020

Warren & I have Joining your yoga family and are very happy to know we are continuing as a family!

You are such good medicine!”


Octobor 2020

I attended my first yoga class with Louise around 2002 and have kept going all these years due to the sheer excellence of Louise’s teaching. Louise provides the best and clearest instruction of any yoga or related discipline I have ever come across. Her classes vary according to weather/ season and probably her sense of what the group needs on the day. Louise’s knowledge of yoga and physiology is amazing and she structures her classes so everyone is able to do each movement in a way that is possible for their particular body and level of experience.


Sep 2020, Feb 2019

I just wanted to say how fabulous the yoga class was on Saturday morning. This class is my favorite and is always great, but Saturday’s was exceptional! Thanks for what you do Lou, and for being you!!

Aug 2020

After 25 years of practicing Yoga I have found In Motion Lifestyle the most rewarding experience. They provide a full range of practices including Yin, Hatha and Flow with Lou giving varied and professional guidance. I highly recommend In Motion Lifestyle Centre

Jul 2020

I’ve had years of lower back pain (L5), years of on again, off again Physio, 3 months into Louise Eddy’s In Motion Go Slow Flow YOGA and I’m getting about well, not like  a 15 yo, but certainly pain free and walking free and easy.  Try it, give it 3 months and you’ll be smiling. 


77 Years Young, Feb 2019

Jump over to In Motion Lifestyle Centre and check them out! I decided 4 weeks ago to take a new approach to my training and my body is loving me for it.

Luke Salmon

Cofounder, Transform40

I absolutely love this yoga studio. It has brought me so much relaxation and peace. Super affordable and great schedule also. I highly recommend!

Shana Kendrick

Nov, 2018

I had my first prenatal yoga class yesterday with Louise, at 17 weeks it was amazing and exactly what I needed. Louise is so protective of every position ensuring everyone strengthens the correct areas to prepare us and stretch out the other areas that need it. After one class I already feel more mentally prepared, my breathing has improved, I am another level of relaxed and can already feel the benefits for my fitness. I wish I had started sooner and can not recommend Louise more!

Rach Sando

March, 2018

I just have to say a big huge thank you to you Lou for an incredible insight into Astanga Yoga and learning all the sequences yesterday at the Beginner’s Course. Thank you for showing me how to be present in my mind through the practice of yoga and giving me the mindfulness I so need in my life! Thank you for encouraging me to recognise my strength through letting go of my fears within each sequence. Thank you for showing me to trust myself within the movements. You are so patient and your love for Yoga and teaching Yoga is infectious!! Looking forward to now moving forward further in my personal Yoga Journey and now seeing you in the Friday class as well. Biggest hugs.


Sep, 2016

Louise, thank you once again for the sense of togetherness and peace you bring to me every week. I look forward to our next year together.



Louise, we love your wonderful, calming energy and the care you take with our creaking bodies. Looking forward to returning in 2016



Thank you for a great session! ​The work on the core has made a pivotal change to the way i carry myself, and the hip work has given me a heap of relief. I’m glad you value your services because you’re worth it!

Nov, 2015

Returning to my yoga practice after a 6month “layoff” due to health concerns I was delighted to be able to complete a Calligraphy class at In Motion Lifestyle this week. Memories of TaiChi sessions from years ago sprang to mind.  I had also tried QiGong in the past and enjoyed the fluidity of the discipline. Louise’s class is to me a combination of both, allowing people of all ages to experience a feeling of wellbeing without having to hold postures.Louise takes great care to ensure that all movements are explained and with 6 students in our class individual attention was guaranteed as well.

Thanks for a great class, strong enough to feel that you’ve exercised but forgiving of injuries and stiffness. I am suggesting that many of my sport injured/arthritic baby boomer friends try it!

Sue Foster

Nov, 2012

There are many reasons I love Louise’ yoga classes…Firstly I feel so much more relaxed and centred after a class. I also feel my body has loosened/re-aligned on several levels.  I feel more flexible & also more stable on my feet. I actually always feel taller after a class. I just adore our meditations.Louise your voice is so soothing & calming. I also feel I can ‘let go” & therefore release any unwanted energy/tension around my life & start life afresh. I huge Thank you Louise for all that you give to my life.


I randomly walked into one of Louise’ Yoga classes over ten years ago and from that point on I knew I would be practicing Yoga for the rest of my life. It has changed me and my life on so many levels, I could write a book about it, thanks Lou.


Louise’ Astanga and general vinyasa classes provide the perfect balance of flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning. With regular attendance my body is leaner, my mind is sharper and my overall wellbeing is greatly enhanced. As an instructor, Louise is an inspiring role model who teaches with patience and with nurturing attention to her individual students. I couldn’t recommend Louise’ yoga classes more highly.


“A true yogi ”  I have done yoga classes around the shire area, and nothing compares, Lou has an amazing aura about her, she lives and breathes the philosophy of yoga, you feel welcome and calm in class, just her voice alone soothes. Her classes are one motion that leads into another, not just conjoined instructions but rather a flow into each posture and breath. She caters for those who have never done yoga before, to postures that challenge, you just need to make sure you are in the class with the level you like, as each class is quite different. I always have an abundance of energy yet relieved of the week stresses after each of Lou’s class.


Jun, 2011

I have greatly benefited from yoga in so many ways. I am moving much more freely and I feel ‘lighter’ in my daily life. Yoga has taught me to relax, both physically and mentally. My body feels less tension and I experience greater clarity of thought and calmness of mind. I would highly recommend yoga with Louise to anyone seeking to feel better in their body, mind and spirit.


Yoga provides me with the ability to balance all the pressures and demands that occur in my life. It helps me to find that calm centre and just breath. Lou is an inspirational teacher and it is a joy to attend her classes, both because of her wonderful teaching and the pleasure of practising with others.


It’s a great practice… I had a lot of energy after the Calligraphy Yoga workshop, and felt quite in tune with my mind.  Master Yang has amazing knowledge and i can really see yourself bringing your own unique clarity and tone to the practice, that would resonate with students here.  Thanks for organising and i totally enjoyed a different angle on yoga.


April, 2013

I came to Louise and yoga some nine months ago and it was via a recommendation from my psychologist. I have both physical issues, via back surgery, and mental illness – Bi-Polar Disorder Type 2 and P.T.S.D. My initial approach was one of scepticism which changed quite rapidly. Physically, i liked exercise to be hard work and would have considered myself very fit. However i was amazed at how challenged my body was when working into yoga poses. The flexibility i have attained has been incredible for my back injury. Yoga and in particular the breathing work has assisted greatly with my mental health issues. Being able to use breath to get into my body allows me all important time to relax and get away from what is in my head. The beauty of this is that it is achieved without medication or self medication with alcohol. I recently had my fifth MRI and being claustrophobic they have always been a source of consternation. My last twenty-two minutes in the MRI tube went seemlessly as i was so focused on my yoga breathing.

How amazing you’ve been all year to keep us going,keep us mobile & young at heart. My fitness Is in your hands and i’m in for the long haul!.


Dec 2020

Thanks Louise for the fantastic job that you always do! My body and I thank you.


Dec 2020

During COVID-19 isolation Lou created a variety of classes in Zoom, they were all well presented and enlightening, they gave me the flexibility to practice when convenient. I will miss the Masonic Hall in Cronulla but we will follow Louise wherever she goes.


Nov 2020

A fabulous class this morning Lou, thank you for giving me a lift for the day!

Happy go slow flow-er

Octobor 2020

Recently I acquired some physical limitations and have been doing private sessions. Louise has an astonishing ability to understand where my body is at and tailor the sessions to address the specific physical issues that I have. I always emerge from my classes or sessions tired but mentally and physically improved. I can’t recommend Louise highly enough both for group and one to one classes.


Oct 2020

I had a private yoga lesson with Lou after a month of classes and it was invaluable! Lou is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and does it with care and humor. In the lesson she explained the aim of each pose and the importance of using my foundation, made adjustments to my position to help me find the stretch and gave me tips on how to adjust myself. I was super excited when my glutes activated for the first time. I highly recommend a private session with Lou. I will get so much more out of my yoga classes now and the body strength from yoga transfers to my running. I am a very happy girl.


Sep 2020

I am grateful for all the wonderful yoga Lou provides for me…it has made a huge difference to my body’s health and fitness, and calmed my busy mind. Lou’s friendly encouragement and kind patience has helped my love for yoga grow. It’s time to be gentle and kind to our bodies with Lou’s healing Yin and stretch classes, just try it…!

Aug 2020

Thanks Louise, I am so pleased you are offering these classes online. It’s tricky in isolation when being so used to walking, golfing, swimming etc. I love being able to break up my day with yoga.

Apr 2020

I already miss your classes, I tried several classes back in France but nothing really compared to yours. I have subscribed to a yoga app in hope to not lose all the benefits I have learnt thanks to you. If you post your classes inline one day please let me know, I would love to follow them again. Thanks for everything Xo.


Jan 2019

I did my first Yin class here with Alice last night and she was awesome, I’m feeling great today. Alice was helpful when signing me up. Really friendly and a beautiful person. Thank you and see you Sunday for more Yin Yoga.

Vaughn B Cole

Dec 2018

Thank you so much Lou, it was a beautiful class…and I must admit I’m very excited as I’ve been a bit lost of late with my yoga practice, not really having a teacher/studio that I could relate to.  Let’s just say you had me at the first chant, loved the class and I know I am going to learn so much from your teachings.


June, 2016

Louise, thanks for another great year of yoga, your friendship and support.  See you in the new year.


Oct, 2015

…but it seemed so difficult and there would be pain and who could help?
The mind and body are interconnected; I had to clear my head and move into the “very subtle” state as still as the ocean’s depths. I left all hatred and jealousy behind, jettisoned pride as with my desires and gained knowledge of my physical state. I could now breathe more freely and relax which enables the body to exercise; and now could walk and move correctly. I could sense my limbs and posture; anything unbalanced or weak and correct it.

My aim: to return to stand up surfing after my second total hip replacement.
Louise explained and taught all of the above which enabled me to surf again; after my operation in February this year (without pride). I am stronger; but more importantly have clarity and am now more able to think through issues, prioritise and solve problems. Thanks Louise…..forever grateful


Oct, 2012

Hi Louise, I just wanted to thank you for all your teachings and although I haven’t been coming to class I practice every day and I hear your voice in my head.  I do look forward to coming back to class in the the new year. Much love and gratitude.


Dec, 2012

Lou, thanks for another great year of yoga. You passion and caring makes Monday’s fabulous.



I have committed to private yoga sessions with Louise and in a very short time i can feel a difference already with strength and flexibility, so maybe i can avoid surgery for a while. I was really pleased to achieve the postures that i can with your guidance and instruction, as you have proved that yoga is fundamentally the way/path for my healing.  thanks Lou for your care and attention to detail in my movement patterns to heal and whole.

May, 2012

The meditation month has been GREAT! Thanks so much for the inspiration to do it. I feel like I have incorporated it into my life on a regular basis now. Some days I forget or don’t find the time, but most days I remember and even look forward to reconnecting.  Last week I got up to 30min! I haven’t been more than 2 days without meditating all of Feb, and would say I did it 5 times out of 7 days.
I would say it has definitely made me better able to remember that there is no need to get caught up in things happening around me. I look forward to more silence!


March, 2013

Hi Lou, you are good, make that very good. You picked on movements today in my hips that are now normality for me but wrong in someone with a normal back. So can we increase the sessions we do in a week to make me better!

Yogi On The Mend

March, 2012

As a person who suffers from stress I find Louise and her yoga classes have taught me about mind body balance, relaxation, and meditation. These lessons I can take with me anywhere, especially when I cannot attend as many classes as I would like. All of Louise’ classes also provide a great workout helping to tone, strengthen, increase balance, and provide flexibility to the entire body. As a surfer these elements help me to get the most out of my surfing without injury!

I have tried all of Louise’s classes and they are all fantastic. There is something for everyone no matter what your yoga level or stage in life! Louise in a lovely person with an individual approach to everyone. I highly recommend for anyone to attend her classes.


Surfing is my form of relaxation but my back and hamstrings were that tight it became a dourer chore to get in the water, that was until a fellow surfer told me to come to this yoga class on Thursday mornings. Big sacrifice by missing a morning of surfing but WOW i can now touch my toes, sit cross legged and bend without pain and my body is thanking me for it. Lou, thanks to you surfing has once again become relaxing without the aches and pains.


For my practice (..when I did do it!!) and having had a significant break from it, I now realise how important it was to my overall health and in particular my emotional balance, namely the self -confidence I gained from my practise. The motivation required to attain my commitment to the practise was difficult at times but knowing the benefits made it easier to continue. These developmental insights from my practise were subtlety encouraged and highlighted by you Lou, to assist in my development. These insights were something I probably wouldn’t have come to had I not been guided by you.

In retrospect your guidance and benefits of practise were more powerful than I gave credit for. Now that I am not practising as regularly due to a change in commitments I can now see the true value, and depth of what yoga really means to my whole self.


Your yoga classes are tough. No matter my mood on starting the class, Louise encourages every effort to extend myself to the limit of my physical capabilities with good postures, through description or actually readjusting me. It is good to feel improvement & I float out of the class feeling wonderful & energised. I think the breath & mind control are very valuable skills for coping with life’s challenges & I want to keep my body strong & supple for as long as possible. I think yoga is the answer. I like Louise’ attention to detail, not only with our yoga practice but also the nice touches to the room. Aesthetics help with the comfort factor to me.


It’s so true about the breath – providing a tool to focus the mind and it lifts and energises you.  Whilst recently moving i also maintained uddiyana bandha which helped me maintain my strength and stabilise my back.  See you in class – my indulgence and saviour! xx 


May, 2012

Positive Impact your style of yoga has had on my life…

After 3 years in your class I’d like to say what a positive impact your style of yoga has had on my life. No more sore neck from surfing and using computers. No more multi visits to physio and since the discovery I had gluts and a core, my running is much improved. Lastly I highly recommend the occasional individual lesson as I find it jumps one ahead in skill and control level.


Aug, 2016

A yoga class with Louise Eddy is like no other I have ever attended.   I will always remember my first class and the first time I met Louise.  A person who strikes you as one of life’s special people is apparent from that first hello.  She has a way of making you feel at ease in an environment that is serious about teaching the students yoga.  Louise herself has a honed and toned body and from that alone you know she lives yoga in her daily life.  As I started to attend all her levels of classes I realised that my gym days were over.  I have always been very weight concious and need to exercise to maintain a healthy weight but since I regularly started going to yoga I can honestly say I don’t obsess about my body image because yoga makes me feel fit and fantastic.  Louise has a voice that will melt even the toughest of days and I have always left class feeling a calmer, more adjusted individual.

Louise’s Ashtanga classes are world class and this is where I noticed subtle yet strong differences in my body and mind.  Louise is at the top of her game in Ashtanga showing how strong and flexible her body is and this alone demonstrates where her students could get to with consistency and hard work. She inspires you to progress and it doesn’t have to be doing a strong balance or a headstand it could be as simple as achieving length in your body to get your heels on the floor during down dog. I am doing postures that I never thought I would be able to and experiencing freedom in my body that I always dreamed of, this is because Louise’s classes walk you through such a range of postures that encourage your body to develop and strengthen.  Students who go to Louise’s classes regularly always say how lucky we are to have her, a piece of real yoga like you would experience in India right here in Cronulla.


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