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200 hour: Teacher Training Programme

Duration: 12 months


Deepen your understanding of YOGA and the power of YOGA.

Yoga is a way of life and this course represents that, highlighting the systems of yoga helping you to find your flow to learn, unveil and reveal who you are with a commitment to teach through practice.  The science of yoga and the overall curriculum covers yogic knowledge and wisdom for you to find, discover and develop your authentic self.   Through these teachings and learning’s you will find the insight to teach authentically.

The framework covers 11 months of face to face weekends allowing you time to integrate your yogic knowledge.  Throughout this 12month course you will be mentored to aide you through the commitment required to assimilate and teach.  This 12month programme offers time to assimilate, integrate and develop your yogic awareness into knowledge.

YOGA is integrative, and this approach will give you the foundations in all aspects of YOGA from an overall viewpoint – not a select school or style.  In Motion Lifestyle Centre is not associated with any lineage or particular style of yoga but with the essence of YOGA as a oneness for all.

  • Qualified YOGA Teacher with 200hour course equivalent competency
  • Skills and Ability to teach a yoga class with understanding of different modalities within that framework of the class i.e.: themes, asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, bandha
  • Eligibility for Provisional Membership with YOGA Australia 200hour competency
    • Note: as Yoga Australia’s competency requirements are more specific than YOGA Alliance you can register with Yoga Alliance too
  • Qualifications for Yoga Insurance – Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Develop your own yogic lifestyle with greater understanding of the principles of yoga
  • Develop your Yoga practice
  • Foundations on which to develop and grow your yogic path


• Anatomy and Physiology
• Yogic Physiology
• Yoga Philosophy and Ethics
• Asana
• Pranayama
• Meditation/Relaxation
• Mudra/Bandha
• Mantra and Kriya
• Teaching Methodology
• Integrative Practice and Teaching

  • A genuine interest in and understanding of yoga and your own practice
  • A continued practice for at least 12months prior to commencing this course
  • Willingness to undertake considerable self-inquiry
  • Commitment to practice each week
  • Openness in communicating with the group and teacher
  • The time and capacity for homework, assignments, self-reflection and processing
You are also

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In Motion Lifestyle Centre offers both 200 and 350hour Teacher Training courses.

The 200hour format will be delivered one weekend per month, on the 1st weekend of each month, February – December 2021.  The final month – January 2022, continues with the mentoring component available for assistance for your on-going yoga teaching competency.

There is the option to continue your training into the 350hour programme, continuing into 2022 finalising the course in July 2022.

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