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Yoga Weekly Membership FAQS

Zoom Links

You will receive an email and txt with the link and ID for your classes 30 mins before the class is due to start. Make sure you have zoom.us  downloaded

Can the Teacher see me?

If you have your camera on yes the teacher can see you as well as the other participants


Obviously, you will want to make sure that if you’re using a laptop, you have sufficient battery to complete a session. 

Larger screens are also obviously better than smaller screens. Perhaps you might look at investing in a chromecast or a similar technology that allows you to view the classes on your larger screen television.

But, and I emphasise this, do not do this at the expense of every other point above this one. Above all, the space you are doing the classes in is most important.


Please make sure you come to class/connect into zoom and are set up in time for the class start time. 

However if you are late please be mindful of the following:

Classes: Please do not rush in and walk near other students already resting down.

Zoom: Please make sure your microphone is muted if late so not to disturb others.


Please make sure your mobile phone is switched off or on silent, screen down when coming to classes and even leave it in the car if you can!  At home it’s the same principle, turn it off, onto silent or even place it away from you where you can’t see it ringing and distracting you.


Like any form of exercise, make sure you’re not beginning classes on a full stomach, give yourself a few hours to digest food, however please make sure your blood sugar levels are stable, so if you need a light snack, then please do so before class.


Try not to drink fluids during the class, make sure you’re well hydrated through your day.


Light, stretchy clothing is best for yoga.  Nothing that restricts your movements or breathing.  It’s a bare foot practice too. In cooler months wear layers that you can take off as you warm up and usually closer fit garments are best so they’re not hanging in your face in Down dog for example. Minimise distractions and clothing is a big one!

Yoga Mat

Please use a non-slip yoga mat. It’s a good idea to have a heavier weight if you’re on a soft surface so you’re not sinking into plush carpets. This will protect your wrists too, as you are less likely to collapse into them. If you’re on a hard floor, please make sure your back is warm, especially in winter so place a blanket or towel underneath your back.


If you don’t have yoga blocks and you need height in some poses, then you can substitute some books stacked up or tupperware containers. Anything to give you that little bit of extra height. If you need softness, make sure you’ve got a few rolled up towels for either side of the legs/hips or support under the head/neck if required. Or cushions perhaps.


If you don’t have a bolster then improvise with pillows/cushions but we need it to be quite firm, so wrap a big beach towel around them to keep them more compact, or use a blanket folded and long enough for your back to head to be on it.  This is to assist in lifting the body rather than slumping and falling into our backs.  If we are laying over a bolster we want the spine to be in extension not slumping in flexion, opposite to when we’re slumped on the lounge for example!

Eye Pillow

If you don’t have an eye pillow,  please use a scarf, or something you can place over your eyes for when we do relaxation at the end of class.  Something with a little bit of weight is best, as we want to feel a light weight on the eyes.  I used to use the sleeve of my jumper or fold something a few times over for that little bit of weight which will help to calm the nervous system even more so as you rest down.

Mat Space

Not only do you need space for the mat, you also need room to easily move your arms and legs in standing, sitting and lying poses. Make sure you have as much space around your mat as possible.


Firstly, make sure that you have positioned your computer to ensure light doesn’t reflect in a way that affects your ability to see the action on the screen. Sometimes this can be a simple matter of tilting the screen. But remember that the sun will move during the class. It can be annoying to have to adjust the screen halfway through the sequence. 

Secondly, try not to position yourself in direct sunlight. It might be warm and soothing at the beginning of a class, but it can quickly become uncomfortable in more dynamic sequences.

Make it peaceful

Of course you are limited by the space you are in. When you look at your available space, think about the areas that are more suited to tranquility and see if you can create your yoga area there. Don’t be afraid to move furniture. A peaceful sanctuary is the ideal location for yoga.

If that isn’t possible, wireless headphones can really help minimise those family noises even when you shut the door.

How do the membership payments work?

At In Motion Lifestyle Centre, the direct debit memberships are based on payment schemes pending your chosen contract i.e: weekly, monthly or fortnightly, and will be debited accordingly, and payment schedules will be debited from the day you sign up. You can nominate a date that suits your payment cycle to ensure your practice is in balance with your pay.

When does my Membership end? When will I stop being billed for my practice?

All memberships are on-going and will auto-renew at the completion of your minimum term.

As a condition of your membership, you agree to give 30 days notice via email to In Motion Lifestyle Centre.

All memberships will continue after the minimum sign-up period until we receive written notice from you. Upon receiving a cancellation request from you, we will email you within 48 hours to confirm your last billing date.

If you have not heard from us, within this time frame, please phone us on: 0418 623 833 to confirm confirmation of receiving your cancellation.

What if I need to cancel my membership before my minimum contract?

Please carefully consider your circumstances when signing up for a membership. If you need to cancel your chosen membership before the minimum term, a cancellation fee of 30% of remaining payments will be applied.

What is your refund and returns policy?

All purchases are non-exchangeable/non-refundable and non-transferable.

In Motion Lifestyle Centre reserves the right to change teachers, cancel classes, events and workshops without prior notice.

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