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About Alice

How did your yoga journey begin?

I grew up as a dancer and loved dance for the way it made my body feel. During late high school years I started practicing Yoga and felt that same sense of freedom.

I developed my personal practice as a form of stress relief while studying a Bachelor degree in Psychology. After I graduated university I was selected by the Australia Cambodia Association to train and mentor local Cambodian teachers, social workers, and care givers working with some of Cambodia’s most vulnerable children and communities.

During this time I witnessed and learnt about situations within the community that broke my heart. I knew in order to remain professional and be of the best service my time on my mat was essential part of my day. It provided me the time to process my emotions and feel a sense of home and stability in a foreign land

I learnt so much about strength and resilience from the Khmer people and this period of living in Cambodia and working in a Buddhist community made it very apparent to me that I had much to learn from the East. Not long after returning from Cambodia I returned back to my beloved India to live and complete a teachers Training course in Rishikesh India – The Yoga Capital of the World.

What study, practices and classes have you completed?

Bachelors degree in Applied Psychology and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training certification from Om Yoga Academy, Rishikesh India

What do you teach at In Motion yoga?

At In Motion I teach multiple Yin practices along with In Motion Flow. In Motion feels like a home away from home and I am always uplifted after spending time practicing and teaching within the community here.


What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

Yin Yoga- I am fascinated by the effects it has on the body mind and spirit and the opportunity it gives people to come into stillness in a very fast paced society,

What is one piece of advice for In Motion yogi's?

Try not to focus too much on how your asana (posture) looks compared to the people around you. Everyone’s body is different and the important thing is how it feels for you not how it looks! Rather than trying to make your body do things allow it to slowly unravel itself before you- it’s just about time, gravity, breath & patience.

Tell us a little something about yourself.

I love the ocean and swim in it daily – I feel most at peace when I am scuba diving.


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