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Our yogic community here in Cronulla is full of a variety of people who are all on their journey and all interested in a better way of life. Our sanga is full and vibrant with people from many walks of life, all like-minded and happy to be on their yogic journey.

Breathe, Believe and Be,
Namaste 🙏

Current offers & pricing

Affordable Weekly Yoga & Meditation



30 days of unlimited yoga for $40

For new students only.



+20 classes a week!

Unlimited weekly yoga classes, to keep you In Motion.

In Motion Lifestyle Centre Yoga Classes

Yoga for all ages & Levels of experience

Flow Yoga

We offer two different styles of flow at In Motion Lifestyle Centre. In Motion Flow, is designed those with a little more experience and for those who are after something a little more gentle will benefit from our Go Slow Flow classes.


Join us for our weekly guided meditation classes. Meditation is a natural state of consciousness that isn’t learned, any more than you learn to sleep. 

Yin Yoga

Our Yin Yoga classes are slow-paced and are about finding stillness, they are a calming style of yoga. Poses are held for longer periods of time with a focus on floor-based postures.


A class that integrates stretches to open and improve flexibility, and range of motion for when you’re in the surf. The capacity to be mobile through joints and to move with ease and control will help you when in the water.

Seniors yoga

Seniors and Beginners and for those who prefer a gentle class, come and enjoy a class that incorporates a range of skills to assist in day to day living.

Hatha Yoga

A slower style of yoga making it perfect for beginners. Hatha will typically involve a set of physical postures and breath techniques, 


Kind Words From Our Students

Surfing is my form of relaxation but my back and hamstrings were that tight it became a dourer chore to get in the water, that was until a fellow surfer told me to come to this yoga class on Thursday mornings. Big sacrifice by missing a morning of surfing but WOW i can now touch my toes, sit cross legged and bend without pain and my body is thanking me for it. Lou, thanks to you surfing has once again become relaxing without the aches and pains.


I absolutely love this yoga studio. It has brought me so much relaxation and peace. Super affordable and great schedule also. I highly recommend!



Latest News & Advice

Moving Forward

Sankalpa Setting an intention, setting our goals, making changes in the direction we wish to move can simply start with a thought, then it could be words and then the action manifests and we start to move our bodies too... For class this week, can we set an intention...

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Can you stay in the discomfort?

If you can sit with discomfort, you can sit with anything... So often we shift away from the challengingSo often it's easier to stay where we areSo often we move away from anything that makes us feel uneasySo this week we ask you to move into a challenging pose and...

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Kapalabhati Pranayama

Breathing to cleanse the frontal brain and CATCH UP This pranayama, breathing technique, invigorates the entire brain and the centres responsible for more subtle perception and insight. Kapal is the cranium and forehead and Bhati means light, splendour, perception or...

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