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Yoga classes to suit anyone and everyone

Please read the class information below to find the class most suitable for your level and expertise.

In Motion Flow

This flow class is suitable if you have previously practiced yoga.

The sequence of postures are a mix of dynamic and static movement, increasing stability and strength whilst working into range of motion. The classes are not “power vinyasa” based but rather guide you through a sequence with a connection to feeling and breathing into your body. They provide an opportunity to open and experience the posture and yourself in that moment in time. Alignments of postures are verbalised with adjustments where required. Balance your mind, body and breath.

Go Slow Flow

This class is suitable for beginners or those returning to yoga.

This class is a gentle Vinyasa style flowing yoga class. Vinyasa classes link movement with breath helping you to increase stability, strength and flexibility through a mix of dynamic and static movements. All classes include meditation and relaxation so you will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Yin Yoga

The classes are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Our Yin Yoga classes are slow-paced and are about finding stillness, they are a calming style of yoga. Poses are held for longer periods of time with a focus on floor-based postures. Yin targets the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) to help improve flexibility and create the feeling of space and freedom in your body.

Foundation/Beginners In Motion

We will be exploring the basic foundations and principles of yoga with particular attention on alignment. These classes may offer a workshop style with hands on adjustments so you can feel what works for your body in the basic postures and develop a greater understanding of the way to develop your practice in a safe environment. The main objective is for you to feel comfortable and familiar enough to join one of our other classes and enjoy the ongoing benefits of a regular practice.

This class is also great for those who’ve been practicing but may need to reassess their alignments again in poses and work around collapsing into poses and re-assess current positions in poses.

Beginners Hatha

A yoga class described as ‘Hatha’ will typically involve a set of physical postures and breath techniques, practised more slowly and with more static posture holds than a Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga class.

Seniors In Motion

Seniors and Beginners and for those who prefer a gentle class.

Come and enjoy a class that incorporates a range of skills to assist in day to day living. Classes include gentle movement, breath awareness, core control, fall prevention skills plus overall balance and mobility. Relaxation and meditation finishes the class to ensure you leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Yoga props are used in this class to assist individual needs of participants.

Surfers Stretch

A class that integrates stretches to open and improve flexibility, and range of motion for when you’re in the surf. The capacity to be mobile through joints and to move with ease and control will help you when in the water.

Runner’s Yoga

Mobilise, stabilise, stretch out and release tight hips, legs, glutes and a class with a more general focus on the lower half of the body to keep you mobile and stable for running. Time to breathe into the body to release tensions and re-energise to keep those legs moving.

Meditation In Motion

Meditation is a natural state of consciousness that isn’t learned, any more than you learn to sleep. When the mind becomes one-pointed and steady, it will naturally go beyond the normal mundane awareness into the state referred to as meditation.

Nature of the Mind
The mind naturally tends to jump and move about constantly. Ancient yogic scriptures noted that it can seem more difficult to control the mind than it is to control the wind. Yogis have therefore developed a whole range of practical aids and techniques that will help you in your attempts at meditation.
Source: Yoga Mind and Body Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

All levels welcome –  different yogic techniques are implemented each week to help you surrender inward to an inner peace, calm and contentment.

Regular practice is the key, so if you can make class consistently you will reap the rewards of this practice – it’s like training for anything – we can’t expect to run a marathon without gradual and consistent training.

Bolster & Stretch Flow

A yoga class starting on bolsters, time for Pranayama – breathwork, opening the chest and stretches on the bolster, before leading into more gentle stretches and mobility through the class.

Ashtanga – Led practice

A strong class, Ashtanga experience is required for this class.

These classes have minimal instruction and are led classes. Move through the sequence with us, with a few tips along the way, to keep our flow going and minimal interruption to your practice, trying to maintain your mind, body, breath connection and flow. Ashtanga yoga is a traditional set of sequenced postures. The practice flows from one posture to another in a vinyasa (dynamic) style incorporating flexibility, strength & corrective yoga strategies. It generates heat and energy within the body allowing the student to progressively deepen their practice whilst developing self-observation and cultivating a non-judgemental attitude. This practice focuses on the breath, which is the central technique by which the mind is observed and controlled. The sequence has 6 stages, the first aims to realign the body anatomically.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-natal classes will help you throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your baby and beyond. Yoga helps to bring strength, flexibility and calm into your journey of motherhood.

Mum’s N Bub’s

This class will help you to embrace change; physically, mentally and emotionally through gently realigning and strengthening the body and mind.

Class Benefits
This class is about time for you and for your baby too. Having a baby is a huge leap from the known to the unknown and the perfect environment to grow with and from.

  • Safe and comfortable environment for Mum and Bub to bond.
  • Realign the body gently and effectively with poses specifically for the wear and tear the body endures from pregnancy, breastfeeding, carrying and more.
  • Include baby in class poses or take a break and breast or bottle feed anytime through out class.
  • Share and bond with other understanding women.
  • Find new ways to unwind the mind and appreciate your body, finding joy in this new way of being.

Private Sessions or Small Group Bookings

Yoga originated as a one to one/teacher to student system, and this is certainly the best way to start, return or practice continuously under the guidance of Louise.  If you prefer the connection of a personal session which can be tailored to your individual requirements or simply prefer the solace of your practice, please book your session.

Private yoga sessions offer expert guidance and individual attention.  Louise can develop your personal yoga session for a daily practice, rehabilitation from injury, or just for the pure enjoyment of the practice.

Please fill out our online enquiry form for a quote and to discuss your personal needs.

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