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About Sam

How did your yoga journey begin?

I first attended a yoga class at age 12 with my Mum…thinking it would be some cool dance class.

Found it to be the hardest thing in history…nine years later, now teaching and having my mum as a student in class is one of the most rewarding ways of giving back this gift.

Motto: Keep dancing.

What study, practices and classes have you completed?

200 hour Level 1

Byron Yoga Centre

What do you teach at In Motion yoga?

Hatha – Great for alignment and beginners.

Flow – A Hatha sequence which flows with breath.

What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

Surfing, not much difference between a mat and a board!

What is one piece of advice for In Motion yogi's?

Be consistent!

Tell us a little something about yourself.

I am also a practising Graphic Designer and enjoy collaborating on projects with like minded people.


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