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Aspirations and Connection | Sahasrara Chakra

We know from within, what is the truth of the matter…

We make decisions every day of our lives, and we know when it is honest, and of “right action”. We also know when it is not, and when we are making a bad decision. The answers come from within. When we give ourselves time to step onto the mat, those answers become easier to see and understand and we know that the actions we are taking are right action. For the time on our mat is practice time for the real world. We learn who we are on the mat, our strengths and weaknesses are there for us to see and each time we practice it helps us grow and learn about who we are. The challenges and how to grow with them and learn about ourselves, our shadows and our light.
Stepping onto the mat…

“Conquer yourself and the whole universe is yours.” – Swami Vivekananda

This growth and energy helps to balance our chakra system and reaching the highest level of attainment of the yogis pure consciousness in a state of bliss – Ananda. It is a fusion of consciousness with matter and energy. The yogis gain supreme knowledge and passes beyond birth and death.

Sahasrara: 7th CHAKRA

Located at the crown of the head, top of head.
Sahasrara = one thousand or thousandfold

“The essence of my being is light and peace. The Light nourishes my entire being. Coming from a perfect source, bound for a perfect goal. Divinity resides within. I am open to new ideas. Information I need comes to me easily. The world is my teacher. I am guided by my higher power. I open myself to the infinite power of the Divine. I am forever walking in the Light. I grow stronger by tuning into divine Light” – Yoga Teacher Central

Physical Associations
The location of the energy center itself – top of head

Physical areas of association include the following.

  • Pituitary gland
    • The pituitary gland is a small, bean shaped gland situated at the base of your brain, somewhat behind your nose and between your ears. Despite its small size, the gland influences nearly every part of your body. The hormones it produces help regulate important functions, such as growth, blood pressure and reproduction.
  • Cerebral cortex
    • The cerebral cortex is a sheet of neural tissue that is outermost to the cerebrum of the mammalian brain. It has up to six layers of nerve cells. It is covered by the meninges and often referred to as gray matter. … Between 14 billion and 16 billion neurons are found in the cerebral cortex.
  • Central nervous system
    • Is made up of the brain and spinal cord – the body’s processing centre.
  • Tanmatra – prakriti (primordial energy)
    • Tanmatra is a noun which means – rudimentary or subtle element, merely that, mere essence, potential or only a trifle. There are five sense perceptions – hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell, and there are the five tanmatras corresponding to the five sense perceptions and five sense-organs. The tanmatras combine and re-combine in different ways to produce the gross elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether, which make up the gross universe perceived by the senses. The senses play their part by coming into contact with the objects and carry impressions of them to the manas which receives and arranges them into a precept.

Source: Wikipedia

Basic Concerns & Issues

  • Consciousness
  • Understanding
  • Information
  • Knowing, transcendence
  • Immanence
  • Meditation
  • Belief systems
  • Divinity
  • Union
  • Right – to know and to learn
  • Problems – amnesia, depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn

Source: Yogateachercentral.com

“The supreme adventure of a man’s life is his journey back to his creator. To reach the goal he needs well-developed and coordinated functioning of his body, senses, mind, reason and self.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Mantra – Silence
Colour – Violet or White

Mudra: Kalashatra Govinda recommends the following mudra during seated meditation, suggesting that it “creates a circle of energy that activates the crown chakra.” A Handbook of Chakra Healing

  • Touch tips of ring fingers together.
  • Then interlace other fingers with right thumb on top of left thumb.
  • Ring fingers point straight up.
  • Place hands in front of chest a couple of inches from the body.

Source: Yogateachercentral.com

You have to grow from the inside out.  None can teach you.  None can make you spiritual.  There is no other teacher, but your own soul.


Louise, Thank you for your patience and understanding of where we are all at with our struggles.  You always provide a peaceful place for us to enjoy and improve our health.

Violet – Dec 14th 2021

Louise Eddy

Louise Eddy

Yoga Teacher & Owner

Louise is passionate about her practice and her understanding of yoga. Her journey in life has led her to study and practice yoga for the past 20+yrs. In the past 5+ years she has also focussed on Mental health and well-being and has actively been involved teaching classes in community and special needs areas with this focus.

She gives thanks for the knowledge that has been passed along from the teachers and students before that have paved the way for the journey of yoga as it is in the west. She teaches from her heart with gratitude and love. ​Om Shanti.

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