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In whom do you have your have faith? In one self, or in another, or in another purpose?

Do we trust to have faith – to believe to focus on something with all our might to succeed … or to maybe fail is a better lesson to learn!


What is it to have faith?

Faith in another, an ideal or complete trust and belief. Is it possible? Can we have faith in ourselves and in our own journey?

WE travel our lives – are they most lived or not and is that enough or not. Do we trust in the journey knowing it will all work out and be ok? Or maybe it wont? Is this our belief and trust in what is and what will be or do we change and find a different belief to where we are going?

Whatever it is for you – has it changed for you? Can you or have you ever had a definitive answer? Is there a complete and utter knowing or understanding or have you had faith in yourself entirely?


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I have faith in myself to get on my mat, to know I change from moment to moment is about all the faith I have – I don’t know all the answers and is that the mastery of life – not knowing the answers and having faith that I will survive as I’m meant to? I will survive on my yoga mat for the moment and breathe and be as present as I can be – I have Faith in me in this moment!

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International Day of YOGA – June 21
Solstice June – 21

Whatever your faith and belief, put your energy and intention into it! Whether it’s your belief in yoga, the solstice, the meanings and beliefs in life – Live your FAITH. Practice your FAITH.

Happy week to all…

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Thanks to all of you for our lovely community.

Blessings and Namaste Lou xo

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore

You don’t appreciate how much you need yoga until you stop doing it! Thanks for a great class today Lou …after a 4 week layoff post Covid it is so good to be back.

Sue – June 2022

Louise Eddy

Louise Eddy

Yoga Teacher & Owner

Louise is passionate about her practice and her understanding of yoga. Her journey in life has led her to study and practice yoga for the past 20+yrs. In the past 5+ years she has also focussed on Mental health and well-being and has actively been involved teaching classes in community and special needs areas with this focus.

She gives thanks for the knowledge that has been passed along from the teachers and students before that have paved the way for the journey of yoga as it is in the west. She teaches from her heart with gratitude and love. ​Om Shanti.

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