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Gem | Stone

Gem | Stone

If we continue on our path without trials and tribulations do we grow and change? If we were to never have trials and challenges would we sit in the same continual life and continue to be happy, or would we create disturbances in which to grow? Do we choose to grow? Is our psyche tapped in at some level to create a disturbance so we will change and grow?

Where in your life have you really grown? Is it from a challenge you’ve learned or from sitting in the same pattern? Do we continue on that same trajectory and then we hit a bump, challenge and we change?

What are some instances in your life that have created change for you?


So it is with the lotus flower that rises from the mud and murky depths to become the most beautiful of budded flowers. It travels to the light up from the depths.

What is your light? What guides you, where do you polish you? Your skills, your mind, your body, your consciousness, your conscience, your life?

And so it is with the gem, that lays covered and dull unless it is buffed with friction that it is brought out into the light and shines forth.

Are you dull at the moment or shining from within? The light within is there for us to show the ones we wish to, whether it’s your family and group or the world, it’s your choice who you shine forth, but i hope you are shining for yourself firstly.

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Yoga helps us peel away the dirt and layers of grime and helps us to shine our hearts forth. How are you getting buffed and polished to shine; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? We start on the mat and find the light that shines from within.
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“Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to love. ” – Rumi


Find your shine…

Breath work – Kapalabhati also know as skull shining breaths help to clear the head among other things and is a great pranayama technique pre-mindfulness and meditation.
Postures: Open our body, energy and mind too.
Mindfulness: Clear the head of unwanted thoughts and distractions so we clear the brain of chatter and help us to stay open and present to the moment.

The ability to stay present and connected is a shining and opening that helps us to walk our path and gives us energy as we get buffed along the highway of life.

What practices do you enjoy to change and shift your energy?


We are all gemstones. From our beginning to end we get buffed and rubbed and held and warmed and cooled and then it occurs all over again. We learn and grow into the people we are and in all the buffering we are one.

Thanks to all of you for our lovely community.

Blessings and Namaste Lou xo

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

Chinese Proverb

Hi Lou, I’ve booked in for the 7:30pm class, however I’m going to do your On Demand Surfer’s Stretch class now instead.  Ps: I really enjoyed doing the different downward dogs from last week’s class and I’ve done the class 3x since.

Julie  – March 2022

Louise Eddy

Louise Eddy

Yoga Teacher & Owner

Louise is passionate about her practice and her understanding of yoga. Her journey in life has led her to study and practice yoga for the past 20+yrs. In the past 5+ years she has also focussed on Mental health and well-being and has actively been involved teaching classes in community and special needs areas with this focus.

She gives thanks for the knowledge that has been passed along from the teachers and students before that have paved the way for the journey of yoga as it is in the west. She teaches from her heart with gratitude and love. ​Om Shanti.

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