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“Is-ness” not Busy-ness


Can we drop the narrative in life, which tells us a story of this is good and this is bad? And in dropping the narrative about a certain situation in life then we may be able to experience the here and now as it is without the distracted thought. Then what is left – pureness, spaciousness, awareness of the moment in it’s truth -as it is, without a distracted mind! And without that distracted mind is there more calm and quiet to learn and grow and truly know? The “Is-ness”.

We think we are so important as we have so much to do and so busy! But as we have the opportunity to let go of the busy-ness and this learning really came through during Covid – perhaps forced upon us to let go of the busy-ness and enjoy the freedoms of “is-ness”.

Surrendering into the ‘is-ness” has really helped a lot of “busy” people to let go of that narrative and yes we all have the “must-do’s” but it’s given us the time to reflect and see things as they are in time and in spaciousness in truth not with an over-reactive mind giving us it’s perception!

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

So we let go of the excess baggage. We can then surrender away from an unhappy emotion. Can we have an awareness and practice of being able to separate the narrative from the situation, and as much as possible let go and only be present in this moment as it is!

“This moment is all there ever is, It is always now in our life! Be in the now and take action in the now. Life and the now are inseparable and it’s a challenge to be active in the moment!” – Eckhart Tolle

Come onto your YOGA mat
Get In Motion – step away from the mind-made self and find the more-ness of you the “is-ness” of being! YOGA is one of the most powerful ways to bring us into ourselves – find the “is-ness” without the addition of thought and be in the moment on your mat! Right here and in the now – minus the narrative and experience the here and now of being = “Is-ness”.

What is the difference of what is and then what the mind has to say about it? Leave the narrative behind and experience the situation with a moment focus instead of living in the reactionary and unnecessary baggage of thought of the mind. Be in the moment, on your mat and find your truth of who “Is”!

Join me for 7 days of YOGA.


Muladhara is situated in the perineum in males and in the cervix in females.
Mool = root and Adhara = place

“I am safe, I am grounded. I am centred. I am balanced. I am right where I need to be. I am deeply connected to Mother Earth. I am grateful that I have all that i need.” – Holistic Energies – Your Way of Life

Through our practice this week, please maintain a focus on our foundations. Our foundations are any part of the body connected to the mat/floor.

Press down to rise up – notice as we press into our feet it energises us to lift our body and energy up. As we sit, press into our foundations and feel our body lift, feel how pressing down activates our body to lift and energise.

From our foundations we grow. From our families, our homes we have grown up and out and we take these foundational learnings with us through our lives. Do we ever question them or do we follow them. Is it time to question some foundational beliefs? Is it time to witness and acknowledge the foundations of where we came from? Is it time to recognise and accept our foundations and grow and learn from them, as we have all the way along our life paths? We are each at different times in our lives and learnings – where is it for you?

Feel stable shapes in our body in poses this week.
A square – all sides even and stable. Hands and feet; make them square like and feel as you press way from them.
Rectangular – The shape of our legs from feet to hips and body/torso shape in poses to help us feel stable.

Move more slowly and with stability. Move with awareness not throwing the body around in shapes. In cat/cow – imagine you’re kneeling over a box and feel stable before mobilising the spine.

In poses start with your awareness in your foundations.

Moolabhanda – Active your pelvic area to lift and tone the muscles through the pelvis.

???? VIsualise a yellow square.
Visualise a red triangle with the apex pointed down -offering balance from your 2 hip bones to your pelvis centre balanced in the middle of that yellow square.

Lam (pronounced more as “Lum”) -the beeja mantra is Lam – through the practice silently repeat the mantra Lam to yourself as a tool to stabilise the mind and body.

Smell – notice the sense of smell which is said to be associated with Muladhara Chakra.

Element: Earth, so feel connected as you exist this week to Mother Earth.

Mudra: Earth element – touch thumb and ring fingers together.

Feel connected to Mother Earth as we exist; so does this mean we need to slow down and smell the roses – the sense of smell associated with our foundations of Muladhara Chakra. Feel grounded, stable and centred from the practice this week.

Find the “Is-ness” in life as we step away from the busy-ness – make the choice.

See you on the mat.

Namaste Lou xo

The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.


Thank you Louise, See you onscreen next Tuesday, I’ll keep up the YouTube ones.  They’re helping me a lot to keep flexible.  Grateful.


NOV 24th, 2021

Louise Eddy

Louise Eddy

Yoga Teacher & Owner

Louise is passionate about her practice and her understanding of yoga. Her journey in life has led her to study and practice yoga for the past 20+yrs. In the past 5+ years she has also focussed on Mental health and well-being and has actively been involved teaching classes in community and special needs areas with this focus.

She gives thanks for the knowledge that has been passed along from the teachers and students before that have paved the way for the journey of yoga as it is in the west. She teaches from her heart with gratitude and love. ​Om Shanti.

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